Best Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Social media

You can give credit to Instagram for the social presence of many brands in the market. This platform has proven itself in driving traffic to the site, supporting the sales of the company, and engaging with customers. This is why 59 percent of marketers plan to invest in Instagram this year. There is tight competition on the platform as more brands try to capitalize on its offerings of the platform. When it comes to marketing, you must take steps to increase your audience. You may start by increasing your instagram followers, which can be done through the following steps.

 Optimize your account

Before you think about gaining followers, consider the setup of your account first. For starters, consider the Profile Bio and make sure that you include here the tagline, logo, hashtag, and slogan. Please include the profile picture as well. Check your bio link too and where it directs the online user. A follower-friendly account must have a search-friendly username and a professional profile pick.

Create a content calendar for consistency

On Instagram, momentum matters a lot. You are not likely to have followers on this platform when you post randomly. You can build an audience on the site by creating content and providing value. By doing these consistently, you can keep an audience. This makes a regular posting schedule significant for your business. There are no hard and fast rules on what and how many to post on the platform.



Engage with your customers, influencers, and brand advocates

You can figure out how to increase your Instagram followers through audience engagement. This can be done by responding to and reposting Instagram posts. This means taking advantage of user-generated content. You may also grow your audience by partnering with influencers who already have a large following on the platform. Content creators may also present your brand to your targeted audience, bringing awareness to your products or services.

Post content that your audience wants to see

When posting content on Instagram, you have to consider post times, captions, filters, content types, and many others. The thing is that what may work for one brand may not with another. This is why Instagram’s native analytics can be ultra-powerful. This is why you must invest in an Instagram analytics tool. This helps a lot by analyzing the Instagram variables as well as your brand’s competitors. You must not copy what your competitors are doing. Just take down notes about this. You must also keep track of Instagram trends all the time.

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