aha OTT Thriller Nights: Top Crime Movies to Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat 


There are many ways to escape in the world of films. However, there is an indisputable thrill associated with crime thrillers. They create a suspenseful web where evil and good are muddled and danger lurks around every corner.

Crime thriller movies Telugu aren’t just about action and violence, though those elements are often present. They appeal to our innate curiosity about how to solve riddles and predict turns. Even when justice comes in unexpected forms, you have a tendency to support it.

When it comes to creating tension and holding your attention through to the very last frame, this genre excels. Therefore, if you’re searching for an amazing cinematic experience, then explore the world of crime thrillers! You won’t be sorry.

Here is the list of crime thriller movies Telugu that will help you get started!

  1. Nenu Student Sir 

This is a Telugu action thriller released in 2023. It’s directed by Rakhi Uppalapati, marking his directorial debut. Satish Varma produced it under the SV2 Entertainment banner.

After acquiring an iPhone, Subbu, a college student, finds himself drawn into a murder inquiry involving the gadget. He finds his bank account has a sizeable amount unexpectedly deposited in it. Amid growing challenges, he battles to clear his name. The film extracts the mysterious truths behind these puzzling occurrences as the story develops.

  1. Shruthi

This is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language thriller film. It’s directed by Srinivas Omkhar and features Hansika Motwani as the lead.

In this film, Shruthi’s life takes an awful turn. She is thrust into the murky underbelly of organ trafficking in this gripping thriller. This brutal mafia trades in human skin, an unexpected commodity compared to other black markets. A thrilling, suspenseful ride full of mystery and tension unfolds in the film as Shruthi unintentionally becomes entangled in this evil web. Will she manage to get away from this lethal group, or will she end up just another victim?

  1. Kranthi

Ram’s world comes to an end when his fiancée passes away tragically shortly before their wedding. When his cousin disappears inexplicably, his devastation transforms into determination. He discovers a frightening pattern as he investigates the mystery. It is the same month each year that girls disappear. Enter this exciting suspense to find out if Ram can find his cousin and break the evil cycle.

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